Death at a Funeral


IT was double tragedy for Highfield community when a 54-year-old man died after falling from a moving truck while coming from burying another neighbour.

Window Chitatu, popularly known as Uncle Tato in Canaan, was pronounced dead upon arriving at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital.

The incident occurred near Granville Cemetery on Sunday.

Uncle Tato was reported to have been among the people who watered and put final touches to the grave of their female neighbour laid to rest at the cemetery.

One of his friends Tanatswa Maringazuva told H-Metro that Uncle Tato was run over by the truck when he fell, a version vehemently denied by the truck driver Owen Chiteru.

“Uncle Tato was seated on the truck board edge when he fell and we shouted to the driver to stop but he did not take heed,” said Maringazuva.

Some of the mourners

“We continued shouting and he later stopped and we jumped off the truck and picked him.

The funeral place

“He was drunk but we were not happy with the driver for refusing to stop after informing him about the tragedy.

“Uncle Tato vaizivakanwa nekucherera vanhu mvura pa borehole, kutsemura huni nekubatsira zvakawanda pandufu saka zvakatirwadza kuti vaende nenzira yekutsikwa nemotokari.

“The driver went on to dump Uncle Tato at a house opposite the place where mourners were gathered.

“We forced him to lodge a police road traffic accident report and we ferried Uncle Tato to hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arriving,” said Maringazuva.

Chiteru denied hitting the deceased saying the case is now under investigation.

“Uncle Tato fell down before I moved the truck and he was visibly drunk together with the other guys,” said Chiteru.

“He was lifted back into the truck and I drove them back to the house where mourners were gathered only to be called later that the guy had passed on.

“The case is now under police investigation and we are waiting for post-mortem results,” he said.

Uncle Tato’s family spokesperson Eurita Benhura told H-Metro that the deceased was a diabetic and epilepsy patient.

“As a family we were shocked by the sudden passing on of a loving and caring man at a time when he was helping one of our neighbours,” said Benhura.

“We are not sure of what actually happened at the cemetery where he was reported to have fallen off a moving truck.

“We are waiting for post mortem results and we will be in a position to comment further concerning the tragedy,” she said.

Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachii confirmed the tragedy saying the driver faces capable homicide charges and warned people over clinging to moving vehicles and merry making at funerals.

“Police report and investigations with a view to find the causes of death are in progress,” said Insp Chazovachii.

“It is sad to lose life while burying another person and we are strongly warning people who cling to moving vehicle that they face arrest.

“Drivers should not over load passengers or allow people to cling to moving vehicles.

“In this incident circumstances at hand shows that the now deceased fell off a moving Toyota Diana truck driven by a man aged 38.

“The now deceased complained of stomach pains and succumbed to injuries and was taken home and later to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arriving,” said Insp Chazovachii. hmetro

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