Cops Ordered To Cut Chickens As Water Bills Surge

Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga

POLICE commanders in Midlands province have ordered members of the force rearing chickens within police residential camps to cut the number of birds to a maximum of 10 after it has emerged the force was incurring high water bills from the practice.

In a memo gleaned by, police officers were ordered to also limit their vegetable gardens to just one.

“Addressees are being advised that the province is recording and accumulating very high bills of water charges each and month.

“It has been observed that water is being overused in gardens and maintenance of fowls or chickens.

“Leaking water tapes also contribute to the wastage of precious water which results in high bills from our service providers across the province,” reads the memo.

A lot of police officers have turned to side hustles or outright corruption to supplement their poor wages.

Some now operate pirate taxis as a side hustle.

As part of the police orders by the commanders, “each family to be limited to only one standard vegetable bed,” while, “rearing of chickens to be strictly limited to a maximum of 10 birds per family.”

Police officers living within the force’s premises were ordered not to locate their vegetable beds “too close to the buildings to avoid weakening of the foundation”.

The memo continued, “Civilians must not be allowed to fetch water from police camps with immediate effect. If found the respective officer in charge shall be charged.” newzimbabwe

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