Controversial Semi_nude Outfit Model Butchered In Suspected Career Ending Assault


Zimbabwean Instagram model who torched storm when she rocked a semi-n_ude outfit revealing her breast at the Changamire HipHop awards was allegedly assaulted by unknown assailants sent by suspected rivals.

According to the local tabloid, H-Metro, model, Emma Mhembere sustained serious injuries on her face after three unidentified assailants attacked her.

” I was attacked by three guys just after leaving home last Saturday evening as I was going out. I could not identify the faces of the guys and they went for my face only when they attacked me.

”At first, I thought they wanted to get something from me, but they just bashed me concentrating on my face with some objects that I couldn’t identify.

I suspect someone behind this though I will not mention the name. Someone advised me not to take any sort of unnecessary revenge. Only God knows and I hope he will do justice,” said Mhembere.

Mhembere also told the publication that she would be back to modelling as soon as she would have recovered.

”At the moment I cannot model like this, but nothing going to hold me back.
”As for now, I have relocated to place that I cannot reveal. I am out of Harare right now.
”I will be back when I am better. I am not that confident with how I look at the moment,”’ she told the publication.


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