Chamisa Aide On Armed Conflict With Zanu PF

MDC Alliance Leader Nelson Chamisa

MDC Alliance MP Daniel Molokele says while the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe has not reached a point warranting armed resistance, the possibility of a bloody conflict against the oppressive regime could not be ruled out in the future.

Speaking on an Open Parly discussion concerning the Patriotism Bill, Molokele said some people were urging the opposition to consider the much aggressive route as was done by the country’s liberation movements towards independence.

This is after the Zanu PF led authority has pulled all the stops to frustrate the Nelson Chamisa led party in all its efforts to remain a formidable force in the country while keeping the ruling party under check.

“I am sure more Zimbabweans will be exiled if things continue to go the way they are, as we head towards 2023, more Zimbabweans will die,” said Molokele.

“There are people who are saying maybe it is time for us to learn from the struggles of the past where they ended up coming up with uMkhonto WeSizwe in South Africa, ZANLA and ZPRA in Zimbabwe.

“For now, I do not think we have reached that stage where we can talk about armed resistance to the regime, military intervention.

“But who knows, in the future it might happen.”

Chamisa, who has for almost three years been promising ‘a signal’ to party faithful, is under increasing pressure to provide an alternative to Zanu PF’s continued dominance on national politics.

Critics have blasted the main opposition for being all talk and no action.

Chamisa has maintained he will usher himself into State House via democratic processes. newzimbabwe

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