Bus driver Jason Hargrove dies from the coronavirus


A Detroit bus driver who had expressed anger on Facebook about a coughing passenger has died from COVID-19, officials said Thursday.

Jason Hargrove felt ill about four days after posting a passionate video on social media on March 21. He died Wednesday, said Glenn Tolbert, the head of the drivers union.

Hargrove posted a profanity-laced video complaining about a woman whom he said had repeatedly coughed while on his bus.

The coronavirus can spread through coughs. The woman was not in the video.

Hargrove said drivers are ‘public workers doing our job, trying to make an honest living, take care of our families.’

‘For you to get on the bus … and cough several times without covering up your mouth and you know (we’re) in the middle of a pandemic – that lets me know that some folks don’t care,’ Hargrove said. ‘[They] utterly don’t give a f**k.’


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