Breaking News: Patson Dzamara dies


Political activist Patson Dzamara has died of colon cancer. Dzamara was scheduled to be operated today after a total of USD 14,000 was raised by well wishers for the operation.

Patson Dzamara’s death was announced by Nigel Chanakira who posted, “It is with profound sadness to advise you that Dr Patson Dzamara has passed on this morning ahead of his scheduled cancer operation. Thanks to all those that had been contributing to the Fund where +US$14k had already been raised. I am personally devasted. MHDSRIP.

Before his death, he thanked Zimbabweans for joining hands and contributing towards his medical bill. He posted on social media:

I am humbled at the amount of people who have shared strength with me in the past few days. The outpouring of assistance and goodwill in many forms is heartening. Together we will testify. Thank you. Mega blessings.

He is well known for being the brother of Itai Dzamara, a political activist abducted by suspected state security agents in on 9 March 2015 in a barber shop and has never been seen ever since. Patson bravely confronted Mugabe and Mnangagwa’s regime to account for his brother Itai and staged many one man demonstrations to force the government to intervene. The international community has been calling for a proper investigation into the disappearance, which the government promised but never given feedback. Itai Dzamara’s family has been struggling to make ends meet since the disappearance off their father and they have been sustained by donations.

Dzamara’s death comes as a shock to most Zimbabweans as they only heard he was diagnosed with colon cancer a week ago. Fear gripped Zimbabweans as colon cancer is the same disease that caused the death of former Prime Minister and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Burial arrangements are yet to be announced as well as the place mourners are gathered. Dzamara leaves a legacy for fearless activism. Savannanews


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