Apostle Chiwenga Prophecy On Robert Mugabe Fulfilled


Apostle Talent Chiwenga’s chilling prophecy of two coffins of important people dying same time has come to pass, a religious analyst has said.

Apostle Chiwenga Prophecy On Robert Mugabe Fulfilled

A bible scholar and Messianic Rabbi Shephard Ben Abraham said the death of former President Robert Mugabe and the Chief of the African Union standby Force General Trust Mugoba fits exactly onto the prophecy of the Harare preacher.

In 2018 Chiwenga said, “I see two coffins, coffins that will bring this country to a standstill. People right now have people they have in mind that they think are dying, but I see people surprised, saying ‘we thought this one was in good health, what happened?

“One person is being buried and preparations are being made to go and pick up the second body for burial,”

Rabbi Ben Abraham said, “If you look at the Prophetic words of Chiwenga and you see how shocked the nation was when Mugoba suddenly died a few hours after Mugabe was reported dead you may be convinced that these are the coffins he was talking about.”

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