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Mnangagwa rapped for mortuary joke

Mnangagwa rapped for mortuary joke

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been rapped for joking that he helped build a mortuary in Kwekwe and offered a reward to the first family that put their kith and kin there.

Mnangagwa made the joke as he commissioned a mortuary built by a local businessesman in Masvingo last Friday.

He said when he was MP for Kwekwe, years ago, he helped build a mortuary and offered a prize for the first people to put their families there.

Mnangagwa rapped for mortuary joke

The video of Mnangagwa making what has been described as an embarrassing joke, started circulating on social media on Tuesday.

He was roundly condemned for his behaviour.

MDC Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti said, “Whatever did Zimbabwe do to deserve this?”

Setfree Mafukidze said, “Some of the things our President says are just shocking why does the man not simply stick to prepared speech rather than try to crack jokes which are totally senseless if not insensitive?How many people were killed violently in Mbizo,Kwekwe during his 2 attempts to retain Kwekwe?”

MDC Alliance senior member and lawyer Fadzai Mahere said,” What do we call it when the president offers a prize for the family of the first person to occupy a mortuary he has built? We need new leaders.”

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