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Chamisa ‘holed up’ at police station as ‘Zanu-PF’ machete gang bays for his blood

Chamisa ‘holed up’ at police station as ‘Zanu-PF’ machete gang bays for his blood

MDC Mbare MP, Starman Chamisa is reported to have sought refuge at Matapi Police Station, in Harare as suspected Zanu-PF youths bayed for his blood, the party claimed Wednesday.

Chamisa 'holed up' at police

According to MDC deputy national spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, dozens of Mbare residents have also been attacked by machete wielding Zanu-PF youths, a day after MDC President Nelson Chamisa addressed hundreds of party supporters during his State of the Nation Address at crowded suburb’s Stodart Grounds.

“Zanu-PF youths armed with machetes and logs have gone on the rampage in Mbare indiscriminately attacking residents following President Chamisa address to the nation,” Tamborinyoka said in a statement Wednesday evening.

“The Zanu-PF youths have run amok and wreaked havoc by attacking residents and dispersing any group of innocent residents. The MP for the area, Starman Chamisa is reportedly holed up in a police station, hiding from the marauding gang.

“He has just tweeted saying he was still holed up in the police station as the machete-wielding youths continue to bay for his blood.

“Chamisa was holed up in the police station where he had gone to check up on party supporters who have been needlessly arrested in the morning before rowdy youths turned up to cause commotion at the station.”

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